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im1al Alex de Kyburg, inventor of the concept "visionnary and narrativ art" or "art, vision, narration" (art visionnaire narratif) and of the ″standart intergalactical language″ shares his time of artistic creativity with his activity as multi-media coordinator.

Herewith few stages in his existence:

Primary school from 1960 to 1966

Secondary-high school (in science) from 1966 to 1969

Bachelor college (science) from 1969 to 1971
All degrees in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

1964: TV interview (TSR swiss television) with Bernard Pichon. Kid Alex presents his "counterfeit" bills printed by engraving on linoleum!

1969: Néocomia (student society) EXHIBITION, 1rst and 3rd price. Paintings on the thema "The surrealism"

1970: STAGE SETS realized for the group "Fantasia". PINTINGS EXHIBITION at the Recreational centre of Neuchâtel. SKETCHES with the Pocket Theatre of Neuchâtel

1971: HERMITAGE in top of the village of Travers (NE). First oil-base paints

1973: RETOUCH on ancient paintings in the workshop of restoration of art of Mr. Georg Wagner in Vienna (AU)

1974 to 1976: SINGER in a pop-rock group in Bienna (Switzerland), following ARTIST-PAINTER in the antic village of Curio, canton Ticino

1977: FRAMING AND GILDING in Lausanne at Rithner & Son

1983: REALIZATION of a jazz-bar in Lausanne (Le Kébra)

1984 à 1999: PAINTING DECORATION, ARTISTIC PAINTING and WRITING. TRANSFORMATION of several shops (Lausanne, Vevey, Zurich). Discovers the use of a computer

1989: EXHIBITION at the "Galerie du Pommier" in Neuchâtel "Portraits of famous aliens"

1992: INVENTION of the concept "visionnary and narrativ art" or "art, vision, narration" (ART VISIONNAIRE NARRATIF - AVN). PUBLICATION of its Manifesto. ACQUISITION of his first computer (Mac Classic)

1993 to 1995: MANUFACTURE and EDITION of a new card deck: Tarl'. Edition of the “GUIDE OF INTERGALACTIC TOURISM” INSCRIPTION at the company of royalty PROLITTERIS as painter, illustrator, poet, writer and editor. EDITION of the book “BILLETS DOUX” collection of twelve short stories. In April, he takes part in the FRENCH-SPEAKING CONVENTION OF the SCIENCE FICTION, FRANCON 95, organized in Yverdon-Les-Bains by the MAISON D'AILLEURS where he presents its written works and its card decks

1996: EDITION of “WORMS OF MY APPLE” (poems - Vers de ma pomme, in french only). CREATION of graphic data processings. INVENTION of the concept “FOR A CONCERNING GLANCE”, EXPOSURE in the ROOFS of the TOWN HALL of Lausanne with the participation of the authorities of the city and the SWISS FEDERATION OF THE BLIND
1997: Creation of ASSOCIATION FOR CONCERNING GLANCE (APTR) supported by the LOTERIE ROMANDE and prestigious members of honor: Maurice Béjart, Mousse Boulanger, Thomas Fersen, Yvette Jaggi, Massimo Lorenzi, Florent Pagny, Bertrant Piccard and François Silvant. Bronze medal of the EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF ARTS category literature and poetry. AFFILIATION to the WRITERS' ASSOCIATION OF VAUD (AVE)

1998: EXHIBITION at the ESTRÉE Foundation in Ropraz (VD - Switzerland). Presentation of works in relief with tactile vocation, of writings, computer graphics images, as well as the projection of his 1st short-animation “Odiraa” entirely created on a small computer

1999: 1st PRICE of the literary contest “gold Scribe”. EDITION of the collection “Memory of Jorat” with Foam Baker and eleven communes of the area of Jorat (VD). ORGANIZATION of tales and readings evenings. STORYTELLER

2000: REALIZATION of short movies (computer 3D animations) and REPUBLICATION of “the Guide of intergalactic tourism” and “Billets Doux” whose first edition was exhausted. NOMINATION with being member of the Jury of the literary contest of the gold Scribe. EXHIBITION of relief art at "Aux Champs du Moulin" with Vincent Desmeules, sculptor.

2003: CREATION of a workshop of transformation of objects “ATELIER PERSO”. CONSULTING in restoration of old buildings.

2005: Realization of an advertising animation for " le Salon du Livre Geneva Palexpo. Broadcasted on the postal terminals all over Switzerland, according to documents provided by MGraphic in Lausanne. Follow-up of the multi-media course of Operator (multi-media coordinator) at the ERACOM school of Art in Lausanne. Realization of Internet sites. Presentation of his of multi-media diploma work (multi-media coordinator). November 25th, Alex receives his diploma and obtains, besides the Multi-media Operator certificate, the SwissMedia 2005 Price.

2006 to 2009: Realization of Internet sites. Realization of 2D and 3D animations (for ex: loop presentations for the "Salon du livre", moving cubes - also for the poster - for Europ'Art GENEVA PALEXPO).

2010: His animated 3D short "KADRI" obtains a SECOND PLACE during the FESTIVAL D'AILLEURS (Elsewhere's festival) in Yverdon-les.Bains. Works go on for the new serie of relief art and a new short movie (Keep in touch!).

Other competences:
French: oral and editorial ease
German: oral ease and in reading
English: oral and editorial ease
Italian: oral and reading knowledges

Computing: work on Macintosh since 1992
3D: Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, Carrara, Vue, Bryce

Compositing and cutting: Final Cut Pro HD, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Sountrack Pro, LiveType, AfterEffects, QuickTime Pro, Shake, GarageBand, ProTools lite, Cubase, Audacity, Adobe Premiere

Publishing and 2D: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, QuarkExpress, Omnipage Pro, FileMaker, ToonBoon, Pages, MS Word

Web, Keynote présentations and interactive CD/DVDs:
Dreamweaver, Javascript, Php, MySQL, BBEdit, Fetch, Keynote, Toast, Flash, Director

La Loterie Romande Prolitteris La F.S.A section Vaud Association vaudoise des écrivaines et écrivains (AVE) MGraphic
Eracom SwissMedia

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