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The visionary and narrative art (AVN) is, in first place, founded on a concept related to a way of conceiving the existence. Each one is, before anything else, an “artist of life”. “One” perceives it on here or his own manner. “One” models it by her or his choices. It is told, it is transcribed in "one's" unique style.
L'Art is a way of being rather a way of doing.

Why post-pataphisical?

The visionary and narrative art presents a whole cosmology which leans on an exotic philosophy and a way of communicating quite familiar to what is found in the range of the science-fiction literature and movies culture.
Subjects, landscapes and situations keep a fair enough coherence to be used as foundation to support all kinds of stuning pseudo-scientifical explanations.
As this mythology is much more recent than the, also delirious and well known classical, pataphysics, it received the name of post-pataphysics.

Why neodadaist?

There too, the references and parallelisms with dadaism are numerous. The principle of the inexistence of a "real anything" and creative freedom is,here, simply shifted in time and reactualized. The ways of thinking, the artistic trajectories and the means at the disposal enormously evolved, so that, with the old dadaism having been declared dead and buried last century, the use of the prefix “neo” has become obvious.

Alex de Kyburg

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