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1993: the visionnary narrative Art's Manifesto                En français
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Pages 15 and 16

In my opinion

It is not necessary to deny the aesthetic nor to condemn eclecticism. Both are integral parts of our evolutionary process.

A character who is "regarded as an artist, in whatever field, will convey creativity freely motivated by the simple basic need to express herself or himself.

The expression, to be seen as enrichment, must by nature cause some new impressions, and this is possible only by creating an atmosphere coming out significantly from our usual ways of perceiving, since the Art can not survive, or even really exist, in a culture based on habits.
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Pages 27, 28 et 29

"Nothing is created, Nothing is lost" (THERE IS ONLY TRANSFORMATION)

What a subtle and sublime findings stem from this simple and classic statement of basic physics!
This small sentence in its time, gave me a fondamental existential flash of consciousness, ever at the very first time a teacher had told this in the lesson. Add the notion of the creation expention countered by continually shrinking fledgling ... Ho you, scalable in numbers of zillions.. see how you can be reduced to only a microscopic speck of dust...
The step was quickly taken to deduce that I (in tiny awfully shortcut) can hardly, as being so perfectly limited, really invent anything.
This does not express, in alternative non-less infinite other possibilities, other concepts, yet unexplored, but whose existence can not be stated a priori, which disrupts our narrow vision of things. Here we are, indeed, enriched with certainty undeniable statement: EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!
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Billions of stars in a nebula, billions of nebulae in the universe ... And how many in an infinite universe?

Among these universes, planets "probably" inhabited (including ours) must be legions, with that, of individuals, all unique in their unique and special manner to apprehend their perception of life. Above all, we all have an individual opportunity to perceive infinity, and therefor The Life, by itself ... within oneself! ... ... ...


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