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During all these last years, Alex de Kyburg worked out a complete cosmology through several media.

Through writing: the best seller "LE guide du tourisme intergalactique" (the Guide of intergalactic travel - only in french), was edited for the first time 1994. It it suggests the existence of a huge multi-sidereal civilization.
Icing on the cake, this book also contains a glossary where extraterrestrials callligraphies and their pronunciation are explained!
Several new, inspired by this vein, will also be published in 1995 in the collection "Billets doux".

Through painting: Since 1985, Alex painted the famous series of portraits of notorious aliens.
In 1996, he introduced a series of works in relief, available to the assessment of blind people.

Currently, a new series of paintings in relief (with other materials) is being finished for an upcoming exhibition and event!

Through computer imaging:

Over the past ten years, Alex is interested in 3D animation. Always his dream: to travel art lovers within his works! Grace landscapes and virtual cameras, this is finally available, which allows him to project his short film and to incorporate them into exhibitions and events.


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